Rates are not negotiable
I do not offer any unsafe/uncovered services

Boundaries, hard limits, safe words negotiated in advance, if applicable

All packages include massage, and post session shared shower, if desired

I know there are some who specifically look for the various acronyms but honestly, the only one I prefer to use is YMMV ~your mileage may vary~ as the experience, and what happens within our time together is dictated by chemistry, hygiene and attitude.

30 minute sessions

Sweet and easy ~ 160
30 minutes of massage with a sweet and easy handshake finish

In depth inspiration ~ 180
30 minutes of massage with an oral adaptation

A slice of heaven ~ 200
30 minutes with full service

One hour sessions

Just the basics ~ 260
An hour of standard massage/full service

Intimate expression ~ 300
An hour of massage/full service with a more intimate gfe feel

Basic with Greek ~ 320
Just what it says

Role play/Kink exploration ~ 320
with greek ~ 350

Couples and more

Married couples where only one partner plays while the other watches, or at least, doesn’t engage with me ~ 250hh/325h
If both partners are involved ~ 325hh/400h

I am happy to fully engage with two male friends who wish to share the experience ~300hh/550h

What I offer

In Person Services

All the information, including rates, you might require before visiting me at the spa

She Writes

Free fictional smutty stories and poems

Personalized Freelance Writing

For a nominal fee, I will craft personalized erotica based on the subject matter of your choosing

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