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This is often the most difficult part, to describe one’s self in such a way that conveys authenticity while cultivating just enough intrigue to generate a desire to know more.

Summed up in parts, I’m 163cm tall, aka 5 feet 4 inches. 
My hair is red, my legs are long, my ass is round and the smile on my lips as inviting as the bemused look in my dark brown eyes, which are lit with laughter more often than not.

My background is mainly British, as those who have spoken with me will attest to, with an even balance of Irish and French, to keep things interesting. 

I am closer to 40 than to 30, and glad of it. Life has been kind to me for the most part, and I delight in every one of my laugh lines. 
I may not be overly young, but I am youthful, finding pleasure in adventure for the sake of it,  and frequently am told I look younger than my age.  I know this is intended as a compliment, and I take it thus, but I have no issue with aging, as growth and experience are the best paths to wisdom and a stronger sense of self.
And I find that I like myself more and more as time goes on, which allows me to genuinely engage with whomever I'm spending time with, easily creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere during our visits. 

I have some tattoos, though I do my best to ensure they are not visible in my photos because I prefer to keep some semblance of anonymity, of privacy.
And that’s it, really. As a companion, the notion of privacy, discretion is one that I hold dear. Time we spend together is for us, and no one else.

I’m quick to laughter, slow to anger, and have a tendency to prefer saying little rather than too much. Though once I’m comfortable with someone, I’m happy to ruminate, extrapolate and pontificate on a broad variety of subjects, as well as always being desirous of learning more. 


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