Time spent

Come down.
Your full length laid across me like a table set for feasting.
While my limbs wrap you with a languorous tempo
Fingers gently kneading at the small of your back
The knots falling away as I drift the weight of my touch
Along the length of your spine.

Ease in
The burden of your stress grown lighter with every breath
My hips a cradle that rocks you into a sense of security
The knowledge that you’re safe here
With me.

Let go
Of anything resembling need
Here we embrace desire
And bask in the heat of want.
That fine trembling,
that comes of anticipation
A precursor to the world shaking
To come.

Give in
To the realization
That you are worthy of this attention
This affection
This time spent.

Time is something one can never get back
Why not spend it wisely?

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